Gabe Mills

Gabe Mills

I've lived nearly all of my life here in the Sequim and Port Angeles area. Over the last six years, I've based my practice in Zazen and Vipasssana meditation, as well as various applied psychologies, spiritual philosophy, and Integral Theory.

In the spirit of the earliest teachers, I have proceeded with my practice through no particular lineage, rather seeking insight into the human condition wherever it may be found, whether it be in retreats or spiritual centers, psychoanalysis, or simple everyday occurrences. In that time, it has been thus far proven true that the foundations of both Zazen and Vipassana exist simply in awareness, so opportunities for deeper awakening are ever-present.

Being that my time here at Blue Mountain Yoga+ is my first foray into anything resembling a regular teaching position, I am very much looking forward to exploring a new practice opportunity, and sharing that with anyone that would find benefit.

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