The following Classes are now meeting at Blue Mountain Yoga+.

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Gentle Flow

This class is for beginners and those who wish to move more slowly.

Mixed Levels Flow

Mixed Levels Flow-A fun, come as you are community yoga practice, medium-paced, often energizing and supported with music. We take time to set up proper alignment within a posture and flow, linking our movements with breath awareness.

Functional Movement

Functional Movement is part yoga, part practical, and part something you’ve never done. We focus on gently building strength, flexibility, and skills to combat and prevent the changes that can occur with age or when recovering from injury or surgery.This Hatha class is designed to balance the body, promote peace in the mind, and to deepen your yogic practice on and off the mat.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art often referred to as moving meditation. This gentle exercise can be learned and practiced by people of all ages. It promotes overall health, body awareness, balance and helps quiet the mind.

Gentle Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls

Accompanied by the beautiful bowls, we will begin with gentle movement and stretching followed by a time of deep relaxation.

Twin Hearts Guided Meditation

Twin Hearts Guided Meditation is the Mediation on Twin Hearts, for Peace and Illumination. This meditation is practiced by Pranic Healing practitioners worldwide as a global healing technique.

Sitfest Meditation